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  • Coaching services include global online coaching for endurance athletes and busy business people, endurance event preparation consultation (training and race plan reviews and mental toughness training), personal and group training at Hillseeker CrossFit in Switzerland and Pose Method Efficient Running Technique courses and remote video analysis.
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  • With our training grounds as the Swiss Alps, we have firsthand experience coaching athletes to perform in races and adventures in mountainous terrain. This is our passion.

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  • Winter 2014 Update: Our Premium Monthly Online Coaching service (1 to 1) with Coach Jeff Grant is currently at maximum capacity. We've got great coaches on our team though, who are ready to help you reach your goals! We launched our Hillseeker® Coaches Network at the end of 2013 and are now able to offer new coaching services spanning a variety of sports and budgets through Jeff's team of qualified coaches. Please check out our coaching team's bios and email us to discuss your coaching needs. 



Services Description


1. Global Virtual Coaching (Online)


A special focus of our coaching efforts is to provide a high quality 1-to-1 coaching experience to a limited number of athletes located anywhere in the world. We look for enthusiastic athletes to work with -- a positive attitude is the key ingredient for a great fit.


For online coaching, we design and share daily workouts with you via a sophisticated web-based program, TrainingPeaks. Your training will be planned by the day, tied to your overall goals, desired races and other commitments. After we've been in touch to determine if there is a fit and availability in the program, the online coaching process starts with the athlete completing a survey that covers a wide range of topics, from goals to sources of motivation, potential challenges, etc. The more we can learn about an athlete's unique situation, the better we can help. That said, online sports coaching often crosses over into life coaching as the line between sport, fitness and day-to-day life and the associated goals and challenges is far from distinct. This is not a copy-and-paste, one-size-fits-all service. There are many of those on the market and they are much cheaper than the service we offer. This service includes a customized training plan as well as access to a passionate coach who will be there for you, as your advocate, cheerleader, trainer, etc. through both the good and bad times of endurance athlete life. Our 1-to-1 online coaching service is for athletes desiring a high quality, customized plan and focused time from a highly experienced coach who will be very much dialed in to a client's unique situation and needs. Our coaching team has significant experience coaching individuals through a variety of races, from their first sprint triathlons up to ultra endurance events, such as the week long Marathon des Sables, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and many Ironman Triathlons.


Directly from Coach Jeff Grant:

"I wake up each day excited to help my clients and athletes improve themselves and get more out of life! I'm passionate about fitness and endurance sports, both in getting out there myself and in helping others reach their goals. I've experienced the joys, fulfillment and lessons learned of 17 years of endurance sport in finishing five Ironmans, including Ironman Hawaii and the Inferno in Switzerland's Berner Oberland. I've also had the thrill of finishing two of the toughest ultra marathons in the world, the week-long Marathon des Sables in Morocco and the 166KM Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Endurance sport and fitness are cornerstones in my life and have made a huge difference in my fulfilment, health and enjoyment. My aim in coaching is to open the same doors for others."

Our aim is to maximize training time while avoiding burnout and injury. Our programming includes both traditional and non-traditional sport-specific training, a mix of CrossFit-style and primal-type outdoor workouts, a major emphasis on core conditioning, high intensity interval training and activities that will remind you of playing in the school yard as a kid. We also often incorporate Yoga and mental strength training. The objective is to reach maximal gains with minimal time commitments to allow you to balance life, work and your own needs.


Our coaches are also available to review your training plan and race day plans and to coach you on mental toughness and mind preparation for your event.


2. Personal & Group Training & Efficient Running (Pose Method) Clinics: Switzerland

If you are located in or near Zurich or planning to visit Switzerland, please contact us for personal training (including CrossFit), Pose Method Running Technique courses, guided trail runs in the Alps, or opportunities for clinics, talks, and special courses. Please see the Hillseeker CrossFit page for more information on our training center.


Our coaching approach

  • Targeted and very much customized to our client's goals and desires.
  • Passionate, adventurous and fun. We introduce a lot of variety into the training program and strive to give our clients workouts that not only are what is needed to reach their fitness goals, but that are fun to look forward to and do.
  • Feedback-driven. We've got multiple channels to receive and share feedback and we'll help/adjust accordingly."


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Jeff Grant, Coach & Founder

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