Thanks for coming out to participate in and support 2012 Balls to Berg for Malawi! Here are the final details:

Swimmers meet no later than 7:45 on the waterfront between the bridge and Utoquai Badi. Look for a gray 2-seater inflatable kayak. We'll start there at exactly 8AM by filming a short intro video and then jumping in! Call Jeff at 079-535-4422 if you have trouble finding the group.


We'll swim as a group and have a kayak escort. Please note that this is an open water swim, where boat traffic may be present, water conditions may be unpredictable and rough and the crossing officially not permitted. If you have a brightly colored swim cap, wear it. If you do not have experience and confidence with open water swimming, do not attempt this section.

Bikers: Meet at 8:00 in the Arboretum Park across from Zürich Insurance and watch for the kayak and small group of swimmers to arrive. The group will arrive on shore at the park, not at Badi Enge. Bring a rucksack to carry a football on the bike section. The bike group will leave together as soon as all footballs are handed off. Watch out for vehicles and tram tracks --- especially if it's raining. If you are planning to complete the run/hike as well, bring a lock so you can leave your bike at Albisgüetli. You may download a map here or download a GPS route here. Some printed maps will be available at the bike start as well.


Runners/walkers: Meet at the end of Tram 13, at Albisgüetli. Be there by 8:40. Please plan to carry (or take turns carrying) one of the 6 footballs by hand or in a rucksack that you'd need to bring along. Kicking it to the top would be cool too, as long as no one kicks a ball off the mountain! Burpees at the top would be a great finish (hint hint)! While it's ok to push onward at different paces, please remember that the theme is community, so finishing the last part together would be in great style. For faster runners, charge up and then loop back to share your energy with everyone else so that the final finish is as a group.

Photos and videos: We need some volunteer help in capturing photos and short video segments on both the bike and run. This can even be from participants in each stage. Please take photos and video and we'll combine them after the event. If you are in the biking and running group, please make sure that you or another group member takes some photos and short video at a few key moments (transitions, good views, top of the mountain). If anyone can volunteer to video the arrival at the top, that would be awesome and much aprecciated!



  • This is not an official event or a race, but some friends doing a workout together. Please also consider this an unguided and uncoached outing. Participation is at your own risk. If the weather is bad, we'll cancel the swim and start with the bike section. If it's really bad (e.g. storming), we wil cancel the event.


  • Please bring a friend. The more, the merrier -- particularlly for the final run/hike up the Üetliberg!


  • Any donations, even really small ones, would be great. That said, donations are not required for participation. Remember, we're filming this and will play it for the village in Kang'oma, so lots of smiling faces would be awesome!


Picnic: If the weather is nice, we'll regroup at the Arboretum Park at the lake after the run is finished for a final group photo and picnic. Time estimate is around 11:00. Please bring your own brunch food and drinks and anything you'd like to share.


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