On July 1st, CrossFit Zürich and Hillseeker CrossFit are partnering to raise funds to purchase jerseys and sports shirts for the Kang’oma Youth Group Sports Tournament to be held on August 3rd and 4th in Malawi. Representatives from both gyms will be going to Malawi to help with the tournament and seek to raise funds to outfit the kids in sports shirts and to provide small awards for each team. Balls to Berg is a team effort designed to move 6-8 footballs and netballs across the Zürisee to the top of the Üetliberg. It will be a swim, bike, run, completed in a community fashion, with the goal of all of the balls arriving together on the top. We will make a video of the event and share it with the kids in Malawi when we’re there!



Tournament in Malawi



The 2-day football and netball tournament will involve at least 120 youth group members and 30 community leaders.

We anticipate that between 1,000 and 3,000 residents will participate in the 2-day event and that around 20,000 residents will be affected by subsequent youth group activities. The tournament will act as the catalyst to creating youth groups whose mission focuses on improving the quality of life in their communities. Goal of the Project: Empower youth groups to have the knowledge and skills to reach out and assist new youth groups in their quests to improve the quality of life in their own communities. This tournament as well as a future community center was the focus of the CFZ24in24 24-hour CrossFit challenge in December 2011. For more information on the project and our work with the Face to Face AIDS Project in general, please visit http://cfz24in24.ch/.


Balls to Berg in Zürich


Since we've yet to find a donor company for the shirts for Malawi, we’ve created Balls to Berg to buy raise the funds to buy them ourselves. Here’s the background: The kids loved the video we made our first fundraiser for them, a run up the Üetliberg. Then, FIFA donated lots of footballs to us in December and we plan to deliver these to Malawi on this trip (thanks FIFA). So, this effort of moving balls across the lake and up the mountain brings it all together and will create a memorable experience for everyone involved!


We're envisioning an experience of camaraderie and illustration of the positiive spirit of community. We’ll try to keep the group mostly together and aim to have all the balls arrive at the top at the same time. You may sign up for any of the 3 segments or do all 3. The balls will be pulled behind the swimmers in bags, carried in rucksacks on the bike and carried by hand up the mountain. All participants will sign the balls and these will be presented to the 6 villages participating in the tournament.


TO SIGN-UP: Please email jeff@hillseekerfitness.com and note which section or sections you want (swim, bike or run). You don’t have to have team to sign up with. Just pick a section, let us know and show up to have some fun.


TO DONATE: A small donation of 20-40 CHF or USD is suggested for participating or simply supporting the effort. Anything is welcome though! You may donate in cash to any coach at CrossFit Zürich, Hillseeker CrossFit or CrossFit Zug or via Paypal. Please email Jeff for Paypal details. All funds raised will be used explicitly for the purchase of the shirts, a small homemade memento award for each team and for the excess baggage fees to get the shirts and footballs to Malawi.


DETAILS: JULY 1st, 8AM start, near Seebad Utoquai. We’ll exit the water at the park near Seebad Enge and start the bike from there. The bike will end at Albisgüetli. Exact locations and times will be posted soon. It's on rain or shine, but not if it's storming.


HOW TO HELP:  If you have any contacts with athletic clothing companies or sports teams, please ask them if they can donate something or offer a discount. Aside from sizes (we need mostly smalls and some mediums), we are not picky. The shirts can have logos on them or be plain. Ideally we’d have them split in several colors – 6 would be great. The shirts do not have to be new.

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